The Best Pranks To Play at Your Wedding (Without Ruining It)

On your wedding day, playing a prank on your lover is the best thing you can do. You will make the situation memorable in the rest of your life. In this case, you should be on the lookout to ensure that you will not ruin your wedding when playing the prank on your love. Below are some good pranks that you can play on your wedding day without spoiling it even a single moment.

Some of the pranks are:

Marriage is the only war,
where you sleep with the enemy.

wedding prank

The mother-in-law swap

Being creative when thinking of the prank does not mean that it should be a good thing at all times. Sometimes it can be something that nobody else will have ever thought about. I will not recommend it but pulling off the prank can be very fun. You should do it in a funny way to prevent any future impacts about the joke. If you want what is the best for your loved one, you should avoid them from getting angry with your pranks on your wedding day.

Guest making an objection of the wedding

Although this is a traditional way to prank the groom or the bride, it is a good way to prank them. You can ask one of your friends to assist you in the joke. When the time of asking the question to the audience, they person will come out and start uttering the word. You should play it safely and in a right way. This will bring in some livelihood in the ceremony.

The lost ring

Although the one being pranked can suspect that something is going on somewhere, you should play it as real as you can. Make the audience worried, and the bride or the groom will be worried as well. Although the prank is very common, it is the best that can happen if played in a skilful way. You should have fun on the wedding day, and you can spice it up by using the pranks.

wedding prank

Tossing the bouquet

After the wedding, there are the many girls who are there to catch the bouquet. You can prank them by tying a string on the bouquet and throwing it. When you throw the flower bouquet, you will remain with it and then keep it. After the whole laughter in the place, you can now toss it in the correct way.

Having a fake cake

You can have a cake that is made of cardboard and looks exactly like a cake. When the bride and groom are about to cut the cake and discovered that it is not a real cake. Use the cardboard that can be tipped over. After the fun in the place, you can bring in the right cake and share it with your family and friends.

During a wedding, you are there to have fun. The best way you can have the fun is spicing up the wedding with some fun moments. In this case, you can use the prank things, and you will enjoy it and the days after. Ensure that you will capture the joke on the film so that you can view it again and again.