Funny Birthday Messages and Wishes


Do you have a family member or friend that would love to get a funny gift? Would they enjoy some birthday wishes that were hilarious as well? Some people have a thick skin and appreciate it when you poke fun at them as long as you don't go too far with it. Here's how to make sure you make someone laugh on their birthday! But before the ideas we have in mind, we want to give you an advice. After the joke has been made, it will be a complete birthday gift if you combine it with a rose or a jewelry from

It’s nice to be young, healthy and full of energy.
Do you remember what that used to feel like?

A card is easy to find with something funny on it, but you may not always want to go with the common options at the store. The best thing to do is to find something custom or that's not so common online if you want to send something funny they may not have seen before. Not that there's anything wrong with grabbing something at a local retailer, it's just that it means more to people sometimes if you dig a little for a really special one instead of something that's too generic.

funny birthday message

There are funny adult gifts and those that are better suited to people that are more politically correct. If you end up going too far with someone, they may not take kindly to it. If possible, run something by one of their family members that can tell you if it's offensive or if they will like it. There are things that just aren't funny to some people because of past problems or for other reasons. You wouldn't want to, for instance, send a card to them about how terrible kids are as a joke if they lost a child recently.

One funny type of theme for a birthday is the "over the hill" options. You can basically send signs that someone is getting old to them, like candy filled coffins. This is usually funny to people because they feel like they are getting old fast and you're showing them that it's not that bad by going over the top with the "you're old" message. Just don't give this kind of a gift to someone that's actually old, because then it's just rude! But, if you have a 20-50 year old person you want to make laugh, this could be a great way to do it as long as they have a sense of humor.

Birthday wishes can come in the form of an e-card that you can send to those you can't really get something to in time. When you go with a card like this, you need to think about what the person likes and thinks is funny but not something that's too offensive. You'll want to preview anything before sending it off, especially if this will be going to a child. Ask the person if they got your message, and if not then let them know to check their spam folder and check it out.

There is probably someone you know that has a good sense of humor. When you want to go with a funny gift or birthday wishes then you have to be smart about it. Thankfully, you were taught just what to do and can now make someone's birthday an even better day.