Ways To Prank Your Friends

Most of the people in this world always want to make their friends to feel pranked now and then. There has been very many ways that people have been using on their friend, family and also on strangers so that they can make sure that they have pranked them. There are those people that are affected negatively and also some of them are affected positively in such a way that they will not take it too serious that they have been pranked.

They say don't try this at home...
So I'm going to go to my friend's house and try it.

There several ways that you can use so that you can make sure that you have pranked your friends in the right way.

• Use of message

One of the best ways that you can use so that you can be sure that you have pranked you friend in the right way, and a simple way as well, is by making sure that you have used text message plank. Message prank is very much harmless as well as the plank will be a laughter one. Make sure that you have changed your phone and recorded these message, “Hello, Hello, Is anyone there? “ Pause and the finally finish it up by saying April Fool. This will make your friend to feel bad that they did not remember about the fools’ day.

• Snake

rubber snake

The second way that you can also decide to use so that you can make sure that your friends feel that they have been pranked and they also feel like they are fools is by using a rubber snake. Here, you will only need to time when your friend is sleeping and then put that snake beside them. This can be done when the person is on the bed or even sleeping on the grass. It will even seem more fan when they are sleeping on the glass so that it can appear even more real. You will then realise when they see that rubber snake they will jump and that will make them be seen as fearful people, and also it will be a good way to prank your friends.

• Mask Guy

scaring mask

The other way that you can use so that you can make a fool of your friend is by making sure that you have a dark mask that seems or appear to be scaring. Then make sure that you have won it during the night. But before all this ensure that you have scared the friend that you want to prank. You can, for example, tell them that you had seen a devil somewhere than at night make sure that you have gone to their house dressed like one.

During their sleep go to them and ensure that you produced sounds like the devil and saw how much you will have pranked your friends.

Lastly, always make sure that the method that you chose to use so that you can prank your friends is not a way that you will be seen as a person that will harm your best friends. Always make sure it is a friendly way.