Funny Birthday Messages and Wishes


Do you have a family member or friend that would love to get a funny gift? Would they enjoy some birthday wishes that were hilarious as well? Some people have a thick skin and appreciate it when you poke fun at them as long as you don't go too far with it. Here's how to make sure you make someone laugh on their birthday! But before the ideas we have in mind, we want to give you an advice. After the joke has been made, it will be a complete birthday gift if you combine it with a rose or a jewelry from

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The best ideas come as jokes.
Make your thinking as funny as possible.

The History Of International Joke Day

international joke day

Palamedes was a Greek mythological character who is said to be a prolific inventor, having invented dice, the alphabet, numbers and even lighthouses, not to mention outwitting Odysseus during the Trojan War. Palamedes is also credited with the invention of the standalone 'joke', and idea of humorous story telling. Indeed, it was the Greeks had the first legitimate comic club in 350 BC, called the Group of Sixty. The members chose to meet at the Temple of Heracles, where their sole purpose was to get together and exchange jokes. According to legend, Alexander the Greats father, Philip of Macedon actually paid scribes to write down the jokes for him.

As can be seen, humor is a fun, beneficial and integral part of our everyday lives, as a result, it's only fitting that we have a day with which to celebrate it, and that day is International Joke Day.

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The Best Pranks To Play at Your Wedding (Without Ruining It)

wedding prank

Being creative when thinking of the prank does not mean that it should be a good thing at all times. Sometimes it can be something that nobody else will have ever thought about. I will not recommend it but pulling off the prank can be very fun. You should do it in a funny way to prevent any future impacts about the joke. If you want what is the best for your loved one, you should avoid them from getting angry with your pranks on your wedding day.

Guest making an objection of the wedding

Although this is a traditional way to prank the groom or the bride, it is a good way to prank them. You can ask one of your friends to assist you in the joke. When the time of asking the question to the audience, they person will come out and start uttering the word. You should play it safely and in a right way. This will bring in some livelihood in the ceremony.

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